A Forgiveness Music Salon With Templeton World Charity Foundation

For our last salon as part of our grant from Templeton World Charity Foundation, we decided the topic of forgiveness could be explored even further alongside live music, allowing an emotional catharsis element to the experience. Everyone in the room was invited to consider our own relationship with forgiving through the extraordinary talents of musicians Queen Esther and Ben Arthur of SongWriter Podcast, and the riveting conversation with leading forgiveness author and research Ev Worthington, along with TWCF President Andrew Serazin, led by POSTHOC founder Susan MacTavish Best.

We liked this new format so much we just might do it again! Stay tuned.

We were also treated to a musical performance by POSTHOC’s favorite DJ and electronic singer-songwriter Starya, who carried on the theme of forgiveness with live vocals in her set. And of course we enjoyed Susan’s famous home-cooking and cocktails, as well as the fascinating conversations that went on until the night. The next morning Ev and TWCF’s team headed to Harvard’s Forgiveness Conference, which Ev spoke at, so it was pretty special to get such a unique sneak preview of his research at the salon ahead of time.