A Rave for the Intellect.

First we break bread, then we break the mold.

Welcome to POSTHOC. A chance to convene an extraordinary gathering of ideas that ignite the imagination.

People Will Talk

“We’re not investing in companies any more, we’re investing in ideas. And the ideas are in POSTHOC Salons.”


Who’s in the room

POSTHOC Salons are designed for organizations that need to reach the people that matter: the engaged, the curious, and those committed to changing the world for the better. They are ready and keen to collaborate.

Our guest list for each salon is meticulously curated from an array of scientists, explorers, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists on the defining edge of culture and commerce. The 23-year-old influencer with a following of 20 million talking to the business editor of a national daily is exactly why we built POSTHOC: to create a super-collider of conversations that build profound connections with the potential to generate lasting positive change for the future.

How POSTHOC works

Imagine engaging in intimate conversation with the woman who invented CRISPR, the entrepreneur behind One Medical, the professor at the world’s leading robotics lab.

Over drinks, dinner, and a discussion led by Susan MacTavish Best, POSTHOC gathers leaders from the sciences, arts, entertainment, and business to speak intelligently and passionately on topics that capture the zeitgeist.

Enter the world of a POSTHOC Salon

Culture, community, conversation, and conviviality come together in intimate and informal discussions that gather some of the brightest minds and most engaging personalities, to discuss the topics of the day, over dinner and drinks.

Susan’s style—a combination of old-world taste and modern sensibility—is warm, welcoming, and one-of-a-kind. Handmade cocktails are proffered in lab beakers, or sterling silver goblets; dinner is served on Chinese export porcelain from the 1700s; and the kitchen is roaring with conversation and the fellow feeling that comes from a second glass of Ginger Smash, the smell of bbq’d baby suckling lamb and steaming grown-in-the-garden ratatouille.

No matter where your POSTHOC Salon is held, you’ll be surrounded by Susan’s collection of books, art, and antiques. Eclectic and engaged, guests meet and mingle, in a convivial setting that brings the extraordinary with reach. The food is amazing, the conversation elevated, the atmosphere relaxed. People want to be in this room.

Engaging Posthoc means more than hosting salon: as a veteran publicist with 25+ years experience, Susan will consult on all matters pertaining to:
- Raising brand awareness via publicity, advertising, branding and marketing
- Business development and positioning strategy
- Design, of both your space and your brand imagery

The company we keep

For more than two decades Susan MacTavish Best has convened partners in salons that strike sparks, ignite conversations, and catalyze ideas.