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Trusting Our Gut Microbiome with David Good

At Posthoc’s first post-lockdown salon in New York City June of 2021, Susan had a fascinating conversation with gut microbiome researcher and PH.D candidate David Good and the incredible story of reconnecting with his mother, who is from a remote

Whisteblowing in Los Angeles

Posthoc hosted a salon in LA on whistleblowers. Susan MacTavish Best interviewed attorney Mary Inman. Mary has represented clients including those from Theranos and Boeing, and she is now based in London where she heads up the whistleblowing practice of

Financial Times & Posthoc Host Don’t Be Evil Salon

Susan MacTavish Best interviewed the FT’s columnist Rana Foroohar at Posthoc Soho about her new book Don’t Be Evil which takes a deep dive into the world of big tech. Peter Spiegel, FT’s US Editor introduces the evening. Quinn Wharton,