Meet up, drink up, listen up, speak up, smarten up, eat up.

POSTHOC Salons carve out a moment in time where people meet eye to eye, speak face to face, and connect in ways that make a profound, lasting difference their lives.


Ask questions.
Listen to the answers. Create culture.
Stay curious.


We celebrate the power of gathering by bringing people together to share ideas, stimulate conversations, spark connections, and build community, one POSTHOC Salon at a time.

Where to find us

POSTHOC oscillates between Soho NYC and the LA Arts District on a regular basis. You can find us in Shoreditch, London, Washington, DC, and Silicon Valley. POSTHOC has been known to pop up in the Arctic Circle, and SXSW.


Susan MacTavish Best

Susan MacTavish Best’s POSTHOC Salons have established themselves at the epicenter of the experiential branding movement. Urgent, relevant, and on-point, her POSTHOC Salons create thought-provoking, spirited conversations that continue to resonate in the world at large, long after the last guests go home.