Explorer + Conservationist Paul Rosolie Talks Saving The Amazon For TWCF

Following Templeton World Charity Foundation’s awards picnic in LA honoring Jane Goodall with last year’s Templeton Prize, we invited her predecessor Paul Rosolie over to speak with Susan about his work in exploring and preserving the Amazon rainforest as part of POSTHOC’s ongoing salon series on human flourishing with Templeton. Jane wrote the forward to his 2014 book, Mother of God, and has become one of the greatest champions of Paul’s conservation work.

We had very special live musical performances from Asy Saavedra of the band Chaos Chaos as well as a DJ set from POSTHOC resident Starya performing for a room full of international explorers. Walking through the room meant walking through stories of people riding motorcycles to Antartica or discovering a new species of insect deep in the jungle, a totally extraordinary and utterly POSTHOC-ian evening.