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Los Angeles Reimagined – City at the Edge of Forever

Guest: Peter Lunenfeld
What is our Los Angeles of today? There is so much more than meets the eye in LA. Susan speaks to Peter Lunenfeld, author of the urban portrait of LA called City at the Edge of Forever. Lunenfeld weaves together the alchemical city’s art, architecture and design; juxtaposes its entertainment and literary histories; and moves from restaurant kitchens to recording studios to ultrasecret research and dev labs. Peter Lunenfeld is the vice chair of UCLA’s Department of Design Media Arts and a faculty member in the Urban and Digital Humanities programs. He writes about the ways in which art, design and technology intertwine.

How Athletes, Artists and Actors Hacked Silicon Valley with Zack Greenburg

Guest: Zack Greenburg
Celebrities investing in the world of startups – that is the topic we’ll be discussing with writer Zack Greenburg who has been covering Hollywood and the entertainment industry as an editor at Forbes. If you’re interested in venture capital and angel investing, entrepreneurism, Hollywood, Silicon Valley and how these all converge at times .. tune in as we speak about Zack’s latest book. “Exciting, well-researched chronicle of how a group of actors, athletes and artists have emerged as mega-successful venture capitalists. Their stories underscore the inspiring truth that great entrepreneurs can emerge from the most unlikely backgrounds … an un-putdown-able masterpiece.” —Steve Forbes .. Zack is also author of 3 Kings, Michael Jackson, Inc. and Jay-Z biography Empire State of Mind.

Listening To What Nature Is Telling Us: BioAcoustics & Plant Intelligence

Guests: Monica Gagliano and Leah Barclay
Susan MacTavish Best, POSTHOC, is speaking w/ Evolutionary Biologist Monica Gagliano and Sound Artist Leah Barclay. Monica is at the forefront of the brand-new research field of plant bioacoustics and has extended the concept of cognition to plants, re-igniting the discourse on plant subjectivity, sentience and ethical standing. Leah’s work has been commissioned, performed and exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum, UNESCO, Ear to the Earth, Al Gore’s Climate Reality and the IUCN as well as Times Square and the Eiffel Tower. Tune in and ask questions!

Where is the Fashion Industry Headed in 2021?

Guest: Christina Binkley
Susan speaks to fashion and culture writer Christina Binkley. Christina writes about the business of culture and is a frequent contributor to The Wall Street Journal and WSJ. Magazine. Formerly a staff writer and columnist for this newspaper, and a frequent on-air commentator, she is the author of the New York Times bestseller Winner Takes All. She has critiqued fashion runways from New York to Milan and Paris, and often takes readers behind fashion’s velvet curtains, with frequent forays into the arts and entertainment and the many quirky characters who set the pace for popular culture.

What is the World of Biophilia? Why Do We Love Nature So Much?

Guest: Sally Coulthard
2020 has brought home to many of us our love of nature and our need as humans to connect with the natural living world. We’ll speak to author Sally Coulthard about how we can turn our homes and work spaces that bring the natural world into our lives up close. Sally has written over 20 books many of which explore the links between nature, home, crafts and living well, and she is also a columnist for Country Living Magazine. Other books she’s written include The Little Book of Building Fires and The Bee Bible.

The How of Happiness

How can you get the life you want using a scientific approach? We speak to the world’s expert on happiness to find out. Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ph.D., is Distinguished Professor and Vice Chair of Psychology at the University of California, Riverside

The Opportunity of Vulnerbility

We discuss caring for our young and loving our elders with a renown expert on cognitive science. Guest: Alison Gopnik is a professor of psychology and affiliate professor of philosophy at the University of California at Berkeley, where she has taught since 1988.

Conversation with Trend Spotter and Economist Pippa Malmgren

Pippa is a trend spotter who advises investors and governments about macroeconomic policy and investment strategy. She is ranked in the top 25 Most Influential Economists in the World and one of the top 10 of global experts on Geopolitics and she was ranked in the top 5 on the Most Powerful Women in Finance list, all in 2017. She is a former Presidential Advisor who served on The National Economic Council in the White House. Pippa Malmgren

Songwriting Your Way to the Grammys

Grammy-nominated producer David Pramik (Selena Gomez, Mae Muller, Lauren Jauregui) and Brett Bassock (Founder, Renegade Songs, working with ARTY, Mae Muller and David Pramik).

The Rise of the Global Precariat

Which is worse? Inequality or precarity? Guest: Dr. Albena Azmanova, Associate Professor of Political & Social Thought, University of Kent, and author of Capitalism on Edge – How Fighting Precarity Can Achieve Radical Change Without Crisis or Utopia

Why Some Marriages Bomb and Others Flourish

Why do some marriages thrive for years and others end in divorce? Author, journalist, funny-woman-with-words and TIME Editor-at-Large Belinda Luscombe about the topic of MARRIAGE. Belinda is the author of Marriageology: The Art and Science of Staying Together, and has written numerous articles about the concept of marriage in society.

How’s Your Sex Life During COVID?

Cohosted with Zak Williams. We take a deep dive with The Kinsey Institute to better understand the romantic and sexual lives of adults during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Justin Garcia, Acting Director of the Kinsey Institute

How Many Ways Will Sugar Kill You?

We speak to Dr. Lustig about the brooding dangers of sugar and its addictive qualities akin to that of cocaine. How bad is sugar for our metabolic health? And what are the connections between sugar, obesity and Covid? Dr. Robert Lustig