Blockchain-Based Land Title Ownership: A TWCF Human Flourishing Salon

As part of POSTHOC’s ongoing conversation series with Templeton World Charity Foundation on human flourishing, Susan hosted TWCF President Andrew Serazin and Medici Land Trust Founder and President Ali El-Husseini at her SoHo loft in NYC this past June. Medici is on a mission to revolutionize how land title is held, recorded and transferred using blockchain technology, both in New York City and abroad in developing countries.

The conversation was joined towards the end by special guest, His Excellency Ambassador Chola Milambo, permanent representative of the Republic of Zambia, who took questions and shared his own unique perspective on the importance of land title record-keeping in his home country.

Another beautiful night brought to you by your favorite salonistas, Molly, Susan and Virginia.