Does Consciousness Matter With David Chalmers

POSTHOC kicked off the spring 2024 salon season with deep-dive conversation with David Chalmers, University Professor of Philosophy at NYU, to discuss consciousness and why it matters. Consciousness is an area of science and philosophy that is fundamental to our understanding of the human experience yet notoriously challenging to study. David currently serves as co-director along with Ned Block of the NYU Center for Mind, Brain and Consciousness. And of course we were fueled by a homemade dinner and cocktails by POSTHOC Founder and CEO Susan MacTavish Best.

We enjoyed a classical jazz piano performance from Kailey O’Dougherty amidst the fascinating conversation between David and Susan, as well as a DJ set from NYC-based visual and musical artist Jet Le Parti. Back in the mid 90’s, David made what would go on to become the most famous existential bet in consciousness research with neurophysiologist and scientist Christoph Koch. Koch believed that the part of the brain which generates human consciousness would be identified within 25 years. David simply disagreed with him and bet a case of fine wine to that effect and in 2023, David collected that case of wine after becoming Koch’s adversarial collaborator about the neuroscience of consciousness as part of a grant from TWCF.

Learn more via the POSTHOC Digital Podcast, where you can hear the full interview.