Embracing the Future of Humanity: Art, Faith and Technology With TWCF

We returned to our beloved TreeHouse for a summer salon in London with Templeton World Charity Foundation, live music and a fascinating discussion examining humanity’s relationship with technology. In a world that moves so quickly, salons are an opportunity to stop and check in with each other and ask big questions about how we’re living, and Susan dug into the topic. Alongside Templeton President Andrew Serazin and musicians J. Warner and Madame Gandhi, Susan interviewed author Michael Muthukrishna and robot-assisted artist Agnieszka Pilat about the Zeitgeist of our co-evolution with tech.

And, of course, Susan treated us to a not-so-sit-down-dinner with homemade cocktails. Juicy buffet, juicy conversation and performances — we can’t wait to come back, London!