Inoculating Against Misinformation in London

We kicked off the 2023 Posthoc salon season in London January 11th at our beloved Shoreditch Treehouse, in partnership with Templeton World Charity Foundation. Susan made a fabulous dinner, followed by an acoustic performance from our artist-in-residence and musical curator for the year, Grace Weber. TWCF President Andrew Serazin introduced the conversation about our relationship with misinformation with special guest Sander van der Linder of University of Cambridge, as part of the Foundation’s research initiative on listening and learning in a polarized world.

As part of his research, funded in part by a grant from TWCF, Professor van der Linden’s research has resulted in the development of media literacy games for people of all ages to be able to spot fake headlines and learn what psychological manipulation ‘tells’ there are in the presentation of misinformation. It was a fascinating discussion, and always a joy to salon across the pond and get to connect with the U.K. Posthoc community IRL. We love seeing so many new and familiar faces in London, or in the case of one particularly spirited guest, a furry face (see below!).