Sex, The City And Modern Dating With Kinsey Institute

In their third interview since Susan first spoke with Kinsey Institute Executive Director Dr. Justin Garcia over Zoom during the Posthoc Digital Covid Salon Series in 2020, LA got to learn all about how modern sex and dating has evolved in the U.S. since then. We also did a public salon with Justin for WNYC last fall, but in this much more intimate setting at the POSTHOC LA warehouse we got to ask lots of questions and bask in some very beautiful, sexy music from DJ Starya, Love Moor and our artist-in-residence, Grace Weber.

Susan made us a fabulous not-so-sit-down-dinner including braised salmon, fresh vegetables, her famous pork belly and a veggie lasagna no one could stop talking about. And homemade cocktails! Folks gathered all over the patio and loft to lock eyes and chow down on real home-cooking, ignited by the fascinating conversation.