The Trial, Verdict and the Trail to the White House With Lisa Ferri

POSTHOC welcomed Emmy award-winning journalist and producer Lisa Ferri, who has spent the last three decades covering politics and culture inside some of America’s most storied newsrooms including 60 Minutes, Deadline, Rachel Maddow, Good Morning America and World News tonight, to discuss her coverage of the Trump trial. Susan and Lisa dug into the implications of the verdict on Trump’s Presidential campaign, as well as the role media plays in politics.

Guests enjoyed a DJ set from Susan herself (salons ARE raves for the intellect after all) and singer-songwriter Queen Esther, who delivered a mesmerizing performance interspersed with Susan and Lisa’s conversation. The POSTHOC loft was warm and cheery with new friends and old, punctuated by the smell of Susan’s famous cooking and the sound of laughter that lies at the heart of our salons. You can hear the entire interview only on the POSTHOC Digital Podcast, as well as Queen Esther’s songs, via Apple or Spotify.