No Time To Panic With ABC’s Matt Gutman

POSTHOC, tapped into the zeitgeist as always, brought Matt Gutman to the LA warehouse for a conversation about his new book No Time To Panic on how he learned to manage his panic attacks just days before it was added to Oprah’s book club. After the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Matt suffered from a panic attack while live on air which caused him to begin the journey of self-mastery that inspired this book.

We were treated to a stunning musical performance by Queen Esther, who performed at our NYC salon in April with Templeton World Charity Foundation on the subject of forgiveness. She brought the house down yet again while we enjoyed BBQ prepared by Susan in a floor-length tutu alongside homemade cocktails and lemonade.

The LA POSTHOC warehouse is such a sprawling venue we were able to welcome over 130 guests in and still had room for a few more! Spanning an age range of at least 55 years, we pride ourselves on having a multi-generational guest list for our salons and representing folks from every different background and industry. And just as soon as we wrapped another stunning night, we headed east to New York City for the next one.